Baguazhang Workshop with Grandmaster Wang Hanzhi

Grandmaster Wang Hanzhi, the son of the famous Baguazhang Master Wang Zhuangfei will be here in the Bay Area in late April.  He will hold a rare one day public workshop on Baguazhang.

Wangzhuangfei  WangHanZhi  

Date:                Saturday 04/30/2016

Address:         International Jing Quan Dao, 1009 S De Anza, San Jose CA 95129

Fee:                  $120


9:30am Registration

10am – 12pm Morning Session

12 – 2pm Lunch break

2 – 4pm Afternoon Session

Grandmaster Wang’s lineage traces all the way to the founder of Baguazhang:

  • Dong Haichuan 1797 – 1882.  Founder.
  • Yin Fu 1840 – 1909.  Main disciple of Dong, founder of Yin-style Bagua.  Supervisor of imperial security guards.
  • Gong Baotian 1870 -1943.  Main disciple of Yin, personal security guard of Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu. Founder of imperial style.
  • Wang Zhuangfei 1910 -1997. Disciple of Gong after he retired from palace duties. Lineage holder of imperial style.
  • Wang Hanzhi 1942 – present.  Son of late Wang senior, current lineage holder of Imperial Bagua.

See for more in-depth information.

Here are some video links of Grandmaster Wang Hanzhi:



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